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The Moot are a reggae/jam band from Leeds in the UK. We formed in 2005 after many jamming sessions. The core members are Kate on vocals and guitar and Pim on drums and have recently been joined by Jonathan on bass.

Playing gigs in West Yorkshire and hosting jam nights in Huddersfield has helped inspire The Moot to write original and catchy material that gives music listeners a new musical experience!

Jonathan: ” At present we are really focusing on jamming as it’s a lot of fun, a proper mixture of styles and a lot of it has a groove. We are hoping to get some recordings of jams posted on-line soon. The MP3’s available here have been made in my bedroom studio in Huddersfield using a PC and software. Soon we will have the facilities to record the full live band and as soon as I get some decent mixes I will post them here. 



Press Releases and backstory

Saxophonist Jonathan Marshall’s debut album, Pleasure Pain Desire (Desire with a “Z”), proves Jonathan is a master of the style of music he plays. An accomplished studio musician, live performer and composer, he has written, arranged, scored and recorded what is best described as a blend of smooth Latin Soul grooves that are geared to mass audience appeal, and speak clearly of his American, European and Latin roots.

Jonathan’s own unique sound comes from a fusion of these diverse cultural backgrounds. His approach is extremely melodic with a dynamic edginess held together by tight Afro Latin Jazz rhythms. Jonathan uses only the best musicians in the field to achieve this goal. Musicians that have track records with names like Sergio Mendes, Sheila E, Prince, and Baby Face.

Jonathan lived and performed extensively in NY, LA and now resides in Auckland, New Zealand. His 2003 US calendar includes “The Best of New Zealand Tour” and he’s represented by Pacific Entertainment, who discovered Hayley Westenra.* Jonathan’s unique sound will be featured with New Zealand and international stars such as Ben Morrison, the 17 year-old virtuoso violinist, Tim Beveridge, NZ’s hottest Broadway star, million selling guitar legend Gray Bartlett, Kiwi “Voice of Country Music” Brendan Dugan and Maori singer Taisha.

Since arriving in New Zealand, Jonathan has toured with Michael Barrymore, played with Ben Morrison and the NZ Pops, Susan Prentice, Larry Morris, and Susie Lynch/Steve Larkins. When not touring, he’s a staff musician /teacher at Studio 10/New Frontier Records and the Corelli School, NZ’s only academic school of the arts headed by the gifted David Selfe. New Frontier is where Hayley Westenra recorded her first hit record. Jonathan is featured with NZ’s soulful Jerome Hendrix, and he just finished recording with JamesRay, New Zealands top country/pop artist, winner of the ’03 Trans-Tasman Entertainer of the Year award.

A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachussetts, Jonathan, a child prodigy multi-instrumentalist played sax at the age of eight, and professionally from the age of twelve. While at Berklee, Jonathan played lead tenor with the Berklee Jazz Rock Ensemble, his unique sound thrilling audiences. Jonathan (known as “Buck” to many old friends) began touring around New England, establishing long lasting friendships with notables such as Jeff Golub, a GRP recording star of Rod Stewart fame. Jeff plays on three tracks of Jonathan’s latest cd, Pleasure, Pain, Desire.

While in LA, Jonathan performed with members of Ambrosia and Frank Zappa. He played at BB Kings and the House of Blues. An instrumental solo he recorded for Greg Young was entered by Naras for consideration in the 44th Grammys.

Jonathan called on producer Federico Pol, (now touring with Jose Feliciano) who learned production from Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. He called on Renato Neto, (Prince, Sheila E) from Brazil to provide the wonderful keyboard tracks. Kevin Winard (Sergio Mendes) played drums. Scott Breadman played percussion (Jose Feliciano, The Rippingtons). Mendes’s recording and sound engineer Geoff Gillette came aboard, and Jeff Golub (GRP) provided guitar tracks on “The Equalizer”, “My Sweet Baby”, and “Strollin with B”. Morris O’Connor (Stevie Wonder) added guitar on “My Only One”. Tony Moore (Gerald Albright) programmed the grooves on “My Only One” and “My Sweet Baby”.

CC Thomas Jr. (Baby Face) and Michael Sechrest of Sound Vision in LA provided the finishing production touches on “My Only One”, and “My Sweet Baby. Latin Grammy Nominee Bobby Rodriguez played trumpet on “Tequila”, “Fiero”, and “El Vacquero”. Violinist Jim Sitterly (John Tesh) and cellist Brian Asher (One World) provided the strings.

Mixing engineer and co-producer Tony Shogren learned mixing techniques from the legendary Grammy winning Moogie Canazio while he was with Mendes. Jonathan finally called on Danielle LoPresti to do the vocal work. “The end result was stunning.”

This music breaks age barriers, international borders, and much of it is timeless. “My objective is to reach the person who comes home from a hard day’s work, and make them feel good about life”, Jonathan smiles and comments; “If I haven’t done that, I haven’t done my job”.